About Us

Who are we and why we are doing this?

Undoubtfully social media provides a vast amount of information that if processed correctly can create a competitive advantage for companies. However to be able to do this, the necessity is to have the correct tools that have the capacity to collect, analyze and provide meaningful results as the things are happening and not a second later.

To provide such a tool and to differentiate signal from noise requires a well disciplined analytical approach. World calls this “Big Data”. As being a complete heterogenous information that can not be classified with conventional methods, this has now become the biggest problem of every entity that touches to any kind of customer and/or information channel.

Big Data and Big Data Analysis

Our expertise is to generate actionable insights from a vast amount of flowing heterogenous data as it flows. As part of being the technologies developed for such entities for the past 20 years we have gathered all knowledge we have gained within one single vertical platform that not only collects information but also analyses them on a real time online basis. We have included language independent (except picture languages) analysis technologies, and built all of these on a very fast unique and Language processing enabled search engine platform.

Simply InsightRadar is built for the companies that takes the marketing and the power of social media seriously to create unique, targeted and based on facts marketing programs as well as market intelligence information

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