Understand the Target Audience

Who is influencing your digital World?

What is your target audience reacting to in social media? What are they interested? What are the best methods to interact with them? Who are they being influenced by?

To be able to answer these questions you have to differentiate signal from noise. In other words you need to find meaningful signs from the vast amount of data generated everyday as fast as possible. If you do not have a healthy social media information on hand then you are left alone with trial and error hypothesis as well as educated guesses. Too risky isn’t it?

How would it be if you would have the chance to process a World of information on a real time basis to determine who are the most influential people among your audience, how are they so influential and who should you engage to establish a good track record in social media?

Big Data and User Influence Analysis

InsightRadar is able to provide you answers and more on this. Unique user and influence analysis tools shows you the target with all available information about them. Detailed analysis provides actionable insights to establish your communication strategies sooner.

Heef Kitle

With InsightRadar you can;

  • Perform influence analysis about your brand, your customers and your competition
  • Determine the most influential people for your market
  • Analyze behaviors of the people messaging about you.
  • Watch closely the influence rating of people on a given subject to identify the necessary channels to take actition.
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