Insights for Marketing

How do you differentiate noise from the signal?

How does social media effect your marketing decisions? As the social media is a free discussion platform and have free speech how should it effect your marketing related decisions?

By only looking at quantity based reports you need to have too much and too long information on hand to come up with a strategy. And the action from this data may even be outdated.

As the life is always on a rush how would you feel to have a tool to provide this information right on your screen with a click?

Pazarlama İçgörüsü

Marketing decision support tools

InsightRadar is developed with specific tools that makes the system a unique decision support tool. The analysis tools not only provides information about your brand, products and company but also gives you enough information to develop customer acquisition and retention programs by providing you details about your competition.

With InsightRadar;

  • Monitor the change trends regarding your brand or products
  • Monitor the reflections of your competitions marketing efforts on social media
  • Identify your unhappy customers for retention programs targeting
  • Identify the unhappy customers of your competition for acquisition programs targeting.
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