Analytics Platform

Real Time Online Big Data

As everything progresses on social media on a real time basis how would it be possible to follow this with periodical reports? How soon you need to be informed or alerted from bad publicity? How soon you need to take action in such a case?

Why not having an early warning system before crisis? Why not having a detailed online analysis tools instead of periodical well designed marketing documents? Why do you need to use human power for classification?

Real Time Analytics Platform

InsightRadar is built on real time basis data and analysis provisioning technologies. Maybe a cliché but simply information at your fingertips.

Web Analytics

InsightRadar performs;

  • Automatic sentiment analysis with its Natural Language Processing Engine
  • Monitors news sites, blog sites and social media resources independent from language (except picture languages but including right to left and non latin languages) on a real time basis.
  • Provides a single click methodology to reach to relevant information on graphics.
  • Provides real time monitoring of your social media performance.
  • Provides a search engine facility to perform a free search from literally billions of records.
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