Analytics Platform

Interactive, real time and online

Aren’t you tired of good looking but number counting reports?

InsightRadar collects millions of data everyday, processes and provides this information at your fingertips everyday. All relevant information with online graphs are provided to you everyday. These are not only numbers but provides actionable insights as the things are happening and not a second later.
Whatever you would like to follow comes with its own influence scale, alert mechanisms and real time information to your screens momentarily.

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Real Time, Online and Interactive

We have developed InsightRadar to give you the opportunity to look at an issue deeply. So the user interface is planned for the user to be able to reach any detail with few mouse clicks and spend the time to analyze rather than trying to find information. This information provides you insight about the social surrounding of your subject quantitatively as well as providing you insight as to how this happened without the need to ask someone or something else. Our aim is to provide the answers to shorten the time for decision making.

Time… time… time

We know that you are short of time. You may not even find time to use all analysis tools in InsightRadar. Therefore we do provide this information to you in reports on periodical basis. And we did not hide our reporting tools so that only we can use them. With a couple of clicks report generation inside the platform is just a minutes away. You are not going to be rushing for information from someone else for an urgent call. With just few clicks you will be able to present an elegant looking reports from within the platform online without even carrying your computer from your desk.

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