We are providing technology for real solutions

Big Data

Everybody Talks about Big Data but we handle that

We are providing in house developed technologies to have meaningful results from vast data piles by applying our semantics and linguistic technologies. We have found the chance to embed high capacity text processing tools together with artificial intelligence technologies that became trainable for automatic sentiment analysis. Whats more is this is language independent.

Networks, groups and market. Briefly E=mc2

We sure would love to talk about critical mass analysis, diffusion coefficients etc. but why worry? We are sure you have wondered at least once how is that possible for a single message, link or video to be distributed so fast in internet before. Because it is a known fact that this viral distribution started to become the most important thing for measuring the success of our product launches, marketing campaigns as well as our brand recognition. We are standing right in the middle of this chasm as being the technology provider. We might not be able to provide the formula for successful viral distribution, but we sure are able to provide actionable insights from what you have created, presented, distributed and how it has been perceived by masses for fine tuning your projects.


Artificial Intelligence

Our in house developed algorithms, independent from language (except picture languages) are able to read, understand, tone and classify every bit of information that is ever said about your products, services, campaigns, brand or even yourself as an individual.

Social Analysis

Our in house developed algorithms resolves the social genetics of your social world and provides timely information about the influencers as well as opportunities and threats.

Search Engine

Information collection and processing is provided by our Indicto search engine. Indicto provides a search result on a sub second level from literally millions of lines of data.

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